IDS Africa Services

Internet Services

We provide Broadband Internet and wireless backhaul services. We deliver top-notch business end to end broadband solutions, eliminating the contention associated with other providers. Choose from our bouquets of business to business connectivity options tailored specifically for you business. Set your business on the right path with a dedicated connection from IDS at absolutely unbeleivable prices.

Network Solutions

Do you desire to establish a connection to a branch office or you would like to re-do the existing network infrastructure? Look no further, IDS will deliver ICT Cabling and environment solutions to meet your communication infrastructure needs with industry-leading performance, reliability, ease of management and lower total cost of ownership.

The IDS team has years of experience in the deployment of LAN and WANs and can handle projects which range from the IP requirements of a small business to the full implementation of large complex networks. The team covers the complete implementation cycle, from design to implementations and support.

Data Center Solutions

Data Center’s are a mission-critical facility. As consolidation, server virtualization, and cloud initiatives intensify, a silo-based approach to designing, deploying, and managing the physical infrastructure is becoming a costly and time consuming process.

As a result of the constantly changing, complex IT landscape, data centers will continue to face unique demands on its physical infrastructure. A number of years ago, these requests would be unreasonable.

While network architectures are elevating enterprises to new heights of agility, modularity, and efficiency in IT manageability, success in achieving these benefits relies on critical infrastructure considerations. Not only must the physical infrastructure be able to support the requirements of the data center, it must perfectly align to the logical network design.

IDS draws upon a deep expertise in providing world-class data center solutions and designs based on industry best practices, offering a combination of services, software, and products that result in optimized physical infrastructures. This enables organizations to be more responsive, improve their operational efficiency, and increase their strategic relevance to the business.

Mobile Application Development

The technology landscape is rapidly converging and saavy organisations are taking advantage of this to increase their turnover. The IDS team would help you increase your corporate presence by putting your services right in the face of your clients.

We build applications on the iOS, Android, Blackberry and Nokia platforms and would help bring your services closer home to your clientile.

Telephony Services

Network, or LAN, telephony is an entirely new approach to voice communications that is rendering conventional phone systems as impractical and obsolete as the telegraph.

This strategy leverages your existing Ethernet LAN (local area network) to deliver feature-rich voice communications and extremely sophisticated business capabilities. Since network telephony is Ethernet-based, it is less costly to install and operate than traditional business telephone systems and vastly easier to use. A network telephony solution makes compelling business sense.

Your conventional phone system, with its wiring and handsets, is a network similar to your computer network. Its sole purpose is to distribute voice traffic to users. Your computer network, however, can distribute virtually any kind of traffic – data, video and voice. Network telephony integrates your telephone communications with your computer network, meaning voice and data communications share the same cabling. Why pay for and manage two separate networks when all you need is one? Our experienced team will help you design and deploy a solution suited specifically to your business needs.